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What is Square-agonals®? It is my new, simple, creative method of creating diagonal set quilts without the complications of sewing setting corners and setting triangles, math calculations, or sewing in diagonal rows. The method is based on a well-known branch of mathematics, called dissections, which I utilize for my new technique.
Click on the blue/white squares and you will see a simple demo of the dissection technique.

 Cut the rectangle into the three pieces and reassemble, this is the basis for how "Square-agonals®" works.
Quilting: science becoming art

Quilting is enjoyable on many levels. Perhaps it is because it challenges both the artistic side of the brain and the logical side.

The Square-agonals™ method is a great example of this. It is based upon an area of mathematics referred to as ‘dissection’.

There are many artistic and fun dissections that you can find on the internet, but the specific example that Square-agonals™ uses is one that has a lucky coincidence.

This dissection has the fortunate results of putting the inside cut edges outside, and rotating the previous rectangle 45 degrees (creating side and corner triangles).

Turning a rectangle to a square, or a square to a rectangle, the geometric function is demonstrated below. For more mathematical information go to the bottom of the page.


My Books and Patterns are now available on my web page "SANDI'S SHOP".  Also available are my two lines of cutting and arrow guide tapes. These are notions that will help guide you and give you a "comfort zone" in cutting and reassembling your quilt the "Square-agonals®" way.


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 Here I am with my quilt "Angels" from the BOM(Block Of the Month) Squad!  We successfully completed all 14 quilts for my book!
Front row: Carol Skukan, Linda Talasis, Rachel Kerekes, Julia Plunkett, Vicki Crawford, Row two: Judy Beveridge, Mary Bell, Donna Horstman, Vicki Gersting, Row 3: Twila Toohill, myself, Sarah Borrell, Stevie Robinson, Last row: Ruth Ellen Fise, Doris Turk