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FREE Pattern "Simply Square-agonals"

The free pattern for this new, simple "Square-agonals" Pattern
is below. You can view, print, and download the pattern from the attachments at  the bottom of the page. 
If you have problems downloading and/or printing out the pattern send me an email marked "Free Pattern" and I will send you a PDF file attachment to download and print, please send the message to stitchedbuy@aol.com.
"Square-agonals" A new technique for creating diagonal set quilts without cutting any setting triangles, corner triangles, or math calculations.  More details about my book are on MY BOOK PAGE.



Free Square-agonals™ Pattern

Simply Square-agonals™

Two sizes

15 ½”x15 ½”, Blocks cut 3 ½”

23”x23”, Blocks cut 5”


Create this simple table topper and learn the ease and simplicity of a Square-agonals™ design.  The design uses four different fabrics, a focus print (used for the center block which can be fussy cut and the borders) and three coordinated prints. The directions are given for two different sizes.


This simple pattern will show you the steps of the Square-agonals™ technique and how the

design is sewn, cut, and reassembled.


 Fabric & Additional Supplies: 15 ½”x15 ½”

(Yardages in parenthesis are for the 23”x23” size)

Focus fabric - ¼ yard (3/8 yard)

Color 1 (pink) - 1/8 yard (¼ yard)

Color 2 (light blue) - ¼ yard (½ yard)

Color 3 (dark teal) - 1/8 yard (¼ yard)

Binding - ¼ yard (1/4 yard)

Spray Starch (Not sizing)

Square-up ruler 6” or larger

Optional - Square-agonals™ Cutting Guide and Square-agonals™ Arrow Guide Tape


Cutting Instructions: (dimensions in parenthesis are for the 23”x23” size)

Focus fabric - Cut one square 3 ½”x3 ½” (5”x5”)

        Cut four border strips 2”x14” (2 ½”x20”)

Color 1 (pink) - Cut four squares 3 ½”x3 ½” (5”x5”)

Color 2 (light blue) - Cut ten squares 3 ½”x3 ½” (5”x5”)

Color 3 (dark teal) - Cut four squares 3 ½”x3 ½” (5”x5”)

        Cut four corner squares 2”x2” (2 ½”x2 ½”)

Backing - Cut one piece 18”x18” (26”x26”)

Batting - Cut one piece 18”x18” (26”x26”)

Binding - Cut two strips 2 ½” X Selvage to Selvage (Cut three strips)


Lay out your squares according to the Sewing and Cutting Layout.  Take care to place the blocks in the correct position to achieve the final design.





 Sewing and CuttingLayout

















Mark each row with “Row #1”, “Row #2”, etc. Sew your blocks in rows, then sew the rows together. Be sure to add the lone block in the final row. Press your table topper with starch to prepare it for cutting, especially the cutting lines. With a pencil and ruler mark the cutting lines (Optional: Apply the Cutting Guide Tape along both sides of the cutting lines and use the Arrow Guide Tape for your arrows). Label the sections with numbered arrows in the directions shown.

Carefully cut the top into three sections on the marked lines. Be sure to cut the “cut first” line first. Cut the lines with your rotary cutter, rulers, and mat, simply move the mat and ruler along the lines as you cut.




Reassembly Diagram                         






Lay out the sections as shown in the Reassemble Diagram above, all the arrows will be pointing down. Sew the sections together and press. Trim the excess fabric in the corners with a square-up ruler to complete the table topper center. 


Measure your table topper through the center and trim the borders to size. Sew two border strips to opposite side edges of the table runner center. Press seams toward border.  Add the corner squares to each end of the remaining border strips. Press seams away from the corner squares. Sew these to the top and bottom edges of the table topper. Press seams toward the border.


Layer the backing, the batting, and the table topper top. Baste the layers together and hand or machine quilt as desired.


Use diagonal seams to sew the 2 ½” wide binding strips to make one long strip.

Sew the binding to the edges of the table topper.


Trim the extra batting and backing even with the edges of the table topper.  Turn the binding over the edge to the back and hand or machine sew in place.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about “Square-agonals” in creating this simple pattern.  

All Square-agonals patterns, whether large or small, square or rectangle, with or without sashing, all utilize the same technique.  The placement of the blocks in the Sewing and Cutting Diagram, the cutting lines, and the Reassemble Diagram will vary dependent on the finished design.

My “Square-agonals books, patterns and my Square-agonals Cutting Guide and 

Square-agonals Arrow Guild Tape are available on my website www.stitchedbuy.com

or ask for it at your local quilt shop. My books contains  projects in various sizes and designs.

If you have any questions about this pattern, my book, or myself, please contact me. stitchedbuy@aol.com 

Thank you and enjoy!


Sandi Blackwell,"Stitched Buy"
Wheeling, WV 26003

                                                                                    ©2013 "Stitched Buy" Sandi Blackwell

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