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Book Reviews, Publicity & Testimonials

I have been receiving a lot of attention and questions about my technique "Square-agonals" ever since my first book was released. My technique has now been published in three quilt books and 12 patterns. So I have created this page to list all the reviews and publicity links for your information and answers. However, please feel free to contact me personally if you need any additional information or have any questions about the book, technique, or booking events.

  • "Wow" - Linda
  • "I can't believe how easy this was!" - Carol
  • "I'm hooked!" - Jessie
  • "The patterns are so easy to follow with all the clear diagrams, it was amazing" - Judy
  • "I thought I could never put a quilt on point, now I can't stop" - Barbara
  • "This technique takes all the stress out of putting a quilt on point" - Sarah
  • "This is so cool!" It's so easy!" - Kathy
  • "Absolutely the easiest way to put a quilt on point, I did it!" - Bethany

February 2013

"Square-agonals; 12 Easy Pieces" 
reviewed by the SewCalGal Blog! 

December 2012
An article published by Landauer Publishing.  Some great ideas to utilize my newest book "12 Easy Pieces" in your quilt shop.

December 2012
My new book "Square-agonals; 12 Easy Pieces" was mentioned in te December issue of Electric Quilt Newsletter.  I use EQ7 to design all my projects!

January 2012
I am now an Electric Quilt artist!  Take at look at my article on EQ!

December 2011
"I Have A Notion", the popular blog by Kelly Jackson, again posted a review and photos from Fall Market in Houston on my "Square-agonals" book. What a delightful lady!
 Thank you Kelly!

November 2011
My schoolhouse on
Square-agonals at International Quilt Market 2011 in Houston
was photographed and mentioned in the Fons & Porter Quilt Blog

October 2011
My husband wrote a humorous article in the Fall issue of the
online  Quiltposium Magazine by Sew Many Places.
 Click on the link and enter your email address. My article is on page 68/71. 
Or you can read the article below without photos.

My Wife is a Quilter

July 2011
Landauer Publishing Company just released their newsletter featuring two of their authors, myself and Liz Kettle.  The article describes out books and current activities.
Quiltposium Magazine
See my article on "Square-agonals" in the new Quiltposium Online Magazine, Summer 2011 issue. Click on the link and enter your email address. My article is on page 136/137 and information on my cruise in on page 138/141.

December 2010
I have privilege of being blog-interviewed on the http://sewjournal.com/
by Munaiba Khan from Australia, along with a free copy giveaway.  Thank you Munaiba!
 November 2010
"I Have A Notion", the popular blog by Kelly Jackson, just posted a review and photos from Fall Market in Houston on my "Square-agonals" book.  She is an energetic and delightful person to meet.  Thank you Kelly!

November 2013

I have a block in Volume 8 of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks!!!!!!

Should be on newstands November of 2013!

September 2011

 I was interviewed for the September 2011 OLFA Newsletter. An excerpt from the newsletter is shown below.




May 2010
I have had a block design accepted and published in the next issure of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks! It should be on newsstands the first week of May, 2011!

December 2010

Creative Mojo Radio Interview

Here it is, the link and info to listen to my interview with Mark Lipinski on his radio talk show Creative Mojo!
Follow the link  to toginet radio on itunes.  My podcast was aired on December 29, 2010. 
This link will take you to the
podcast episodes
October 2010 
Check our this link to the National Quilt Association
Spotlight Quilter for October.....me!
If you want to know how I got into quilting, this is my story. 
October 2010
Bloom, Bake, and Create Blog, did a book review and book giveaway.  Thank you BB&C!
June 2010 
Announcement of book release on the Electric Quilt Blog   

October 2010
qb -So many quilting books, so little time...a blog that reviews new quilt books.

August 2010
The local newspaper Wheeing News-Register/Intelligencer did a wonderful article on my Sunday, August 1, 2010